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Spirecut is a Swiss MedTech company founded in 2020. We offer patented minimally invasive surgical instruments for common hand affections: carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger.


Voltiris develops photovoltaic solutions for agriculture, compatible with the growth of high-light crops.


MinWave core competency is an innovative method to design ultra-compact and low-weight micro/millimeter-wave waveguide devices and fabrication of these components using additive manufacturing methods. The conventional metallic waveguide devices have a large volume and high weight since their physical sizes are bound to be multiple wavelengths. We address this core drawback by leveraging cutting-edge technology based on metallic resonant metamaterials in sub-wavelength volumes.


Qaptis is capturing carbon dioxide from heavy vehicles. Established in 2021, Qaptis is a spin-off from EPFL that builds an innovative kit that connects to the exhaust and captures up to 90% of carbon dioxide using waste heat from the stream. The aim of this technological innovation is to help the freight industry (trucks and ships) to drastically reduce their carbon emissions by using the same vehicles and infrastructure.

Oryl photonics

A drug must be soluble to reach its target disease. Solubility measurement is a necessary burden for the development of drugs, but it requires considerable resources. Current technologies are time-consuming, expensive, and unreliable. Oryl Photonics uses a patented laser technology to simplify solubility measurement and achieve 10x cheaper and 10x faster operation, with minimum use of chemicals, consumables, and electricity.


ClearSky builds the next generation of Ai assistants through privacy by design

PhenomX Health

PhenomX Health is a precision nutrition for women company. We combine molecular science and health monitoring tech with advanced data science portal in which we capture health symptoms and minimally invasive health diagnostics to help women make the best nutrition and lifestyle decisions to treat health symptoms and hormone imbalances on their perimenopause to menopause journey towards healthy aging.

Startup name


Aquafit Intimate

Aquafit Intimate develops products and services for intimate wellness addressing the needs of 2 in 5 women across all ages young, bloom and prime. Our patented Intimate Gel Sticks uniquely combine vaginal muscle training, pH balance and deep active agent delivery for intimate wellness self care.


Hashiona is an all-in-one platform for people with Hashimoto’s disease, with a mission to improve the quality of life of our users by decreasing the level of harmful antibodies in the blood.
Hashiona provides personalized nutrition plans, a symptom tracking system, and a hefty dose of knowledge of the disease to support women dealing with Hashimoto’s. Everything we do is rooted in data and we continue to build an automated, highly personalized program that will lead our users back to health.

Imma health

We create a secure and accurate system for women to perform their own transvaginal ultrasound scan (TVS) for themselves, in the comfort, safety and intimacy of their home.
IMMA system includes a personal transvaginal ultrasound device, fully automated, in women’s hands, image processing, AI-powered image analysis and an app with dedicated patients and physician interface for device handling and communication. IMMA is a tech platform for Women’s Health, her health in her hands, quite literally.


Dana is a digital health solution to improve the mental health and well-being of women becoming mothers and a certified digital therapeutics software for medical interventions improving early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of mental health disorders during motherhood.


Moona’s mission is to improve sleep for millions of people worldwide, using breakthrough tech & AI. We made the world’s first smart cooling pillow pad, with great results published at World Sleep Congress 2022: +25% of sleep quality and +23mins of extra sleep per night on average. We are now developing our next generation hardware & software with a heavy focus on women in menopause, who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats and benefit greatly from our product.

Wild AI

Wild.AI is a fitness app that helps active women exercise, eat and recover according to their female physiology. The app collects data from wearables, as well as self reported data to provide and individualised readiness score – informing women how to support their bodies to unlock peak performance. Wild.AI supports women with menstrual cycles, on birth control, in perimenopause and menopause with training plans, nutrition and recovery advice.

Ru Medical

We are building a medical device with a digital platform to help provide relief to the women who experience menopausal Hot Flashes.


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Our Swiss company is a spin-off of Dr Spierer’s neuroscience laboratory at the Medicine Section of the University of Fribourg. We develop evidence-based digital therapeutic interventions to restore healthy consumption behaviors at a large scale. Our disruptive and patented approach allows to improve (over)consumption behaviors by modulating implicit reward brain responses, the main determinant of individual preference profiles. We currently focus on restoring healthy eating behavior in overweight and obese populations.


DETCTRA is a digital biomarker based on image recognition for arthritis monitoring. It allows the self-monitoring of arthritis activity by taking a hand picture regularly, aiming to optimize patient’s journey as well as patients management for healthcare professionals.

Vitalize Dx

VitalizeDx is an innovative startup dedicated to preventative medicine operating in the longevity space. Our objective is to provide accessible and actionable diagnostics for personalised wellness through 16 proprietary salivary biomarkers and bundled personalised nutraceutical programs for the areas of immunity, vitality, metabolism and strength.


YLAH is an early stage MedTech Startup in the field of psychotherapy. We co-create a digital therapeutic, together with our future customers: Clinics, therapists and patients in the pilot market Switzerland. We bring psychotherapy to the 21st century by implementing a blended approach: Our certified medical software supports patients before and between the in-person sessions with content, exercise, questionnaires and much more. For better outcomes, more efficiency and effectiveness.
Biped biped is the smartest copilot for blind and visually impaired people.
Glucoplay Glucoplay is a game-based mobile application with signaling function that helps the children to better understand their condition due to diabetes. The game educates them to take responsibility for themselves and their health, and moreover to perform certain actions for supporting their condition in a safe state in order to live a full life without social restrictions.
Genknowme Genknowme has been founded in 2019 by a team of passionate scientists. This innovative life sciences company dedicates itself to the transformation of cutting-edge research into epigenetic signatures that measure the impact of lifestyle on your biological age. We provide a novel blood test to support healthcare professionals while they coach their patients into making healthy lifestyle changes.
Consulto Consulto is a Virtual clinic specialised in Team- Based Care. We host independent doctors, generalists, and specialists, who team up to deliver holistic care for their patients. In achieving our mission, we make the health care journey of people with complex health needs coordinated and efficient when they need more than one doctor.

Gossik is the productivity assistant that supports people with ADHD in staying organized and having everything under control through active guidance, personal interaction, and accountability.

Around our assistant, we have further developed a coaching program specifically designed for parents of children with ADHD. With Gossik, their children achieve to become more independent and are able to manage their daily life by themselves, which relieves both parents and children.

Ocumeda Ocumeda preserves human eyesight through excellent telemedical eye care that is technology-driven and based on strong partnerships. Partners are among others opticians, pharmacies & elderly homes. Examinations are assessed by board-certified ophthalmologists on Ocumeda’s telemedicine platform. In parallel, Ocumeda develops medical AI products that help assess examinations faster and more accurately decodes the human eye.


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Global Data Excellence

Global Data Excellence (GDE) transforms business management by providing an end-to-end AI platform, DEMS-Nixus for corporate governance that allows a dialog between machine and human in natural language. DEMS-Nixus is the complete solution that works in any IT environment for automated Data Integration, Data Cleansing, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Data Sharing. DEMS-Nixus accelerates the speed of business value creation decreasing the cost of business transformation by 80%.


Central problem for type 1 diabetes (T1D) patients is to achieve a proper glycemic control without the risk of life-threatening hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis. Moreover, the lipogenic action of therapeutic insulin is understood to be a strong contributing factor to cardiovascular co-morbidities in T1D patients. Diatheris (a UNIGE Spin-off) is proposing a game-changing therapeutic approach to overcome these major limitations and improve life of T1D patients.


GlobalM provides immediate costs reductions for broadcasters and sports federations, while maintaining high quality, low latency solutions, replacing expensive satellite and fibre options with our patent pending technology and new edge transcoding and remultiplexing.

Sports federations are using GlobalM for distribution of live content. BBC Studios chose GlobalM to provide SRT streaming transmission services for the funeral of Queen Elisabeth the second to its rights holders around the world.

Endotelix Diagnostics

Endotelix is a privately held Swiss biotech start-up company and a spin-off from the University of Geneva. Endotelix is dedicated to providing fast, sensitive and reliable solutions for Antiphospholipid Syndrome, including diagnostic tests and therapies.


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We make the world a more connected, transparent and authentic place via our Authenticity and Traceability as a Service platform. By combining the power of blockchain with multiple proprietary IoT devices, we protect the authenticity, prevent the diversion and provide real time traceability for both physical and digital products and assets such as NFTs. Cross vertical and already in 72 countries.


BoxyHQ helps organizations stay secure and protect sensitive data by providing open-source APIs for privacy and enterprise security compliance. It includes Enterprise SSO, Directory Sync, Audit Logs and Privacy Vault (PII, PCI, PHI).
Atmosec Atmosec is the only holistic SaaS security company. Focusing not only on individual services or users, Atmosec also understands how services communicate with each other, how users interact with the ecosystem as well as what data might be passing between services. Our unique platform monitors the behavior of an unlimited number of SaaS services, and automates the mitigation of risks, flagging any anomalies or misconfigurations so that CISOs can address them with better visibility and confidence


Altkimya is a swiss startup that helps IT companies develop modern Managed Services to survive cloud massive adoption, thanks to its disruptive and affordable data platform.
IT SMEs can develop new generation services, lower the cost of their service operations, increase their quality of service and develop a profitable and attractive business


Snowpack is a spin-off from CEA building & operating the first invisibility network overlay: the Snowpack Network Overlay (SNO). SNO provides a beyond-trust-by-design service to anonymize and secure data exchanges on the Internet. Thanks to our patented technology, SNO offers total invisibility to user, making them independent from the underlaying infrastructure. Our service is integrated into the upcoming French cyberthreat intelligence service and a sovereign DNS.


3D immersive event

New way of doing events, we build the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne and created personnalized booth for the startups inside. A unique experience directly from your computer

Startup demo-day

This event is more than anything else an exhibition of the latest technologies from differ ent incubators and accelerators from Switzerland. Meet them in 1-1 meetings, or through the pitch competition

Keynote talks

In addition to the startup exhibition, we invite successsful entrepreneurs to present their story, doubts, failures, and success


5 incubators partners

EPFL La Forge, Tech4Eva, Tech4Trust, Fongit, Future of Health Grant

30+ startups

coming from those 5 incubators and accelerators

800+ participants

After a successful first edition, with more than 740 participants, 12’000 interactions, let’s reach a new step with more than 800 participants for 2021


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