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Startup name


Alephium – Panda Software SA

Alephium is the first operational sharded blockchain bringing scalability, ETH-inspired smart contracts and Dapps capabilities to Bitcoin’s proven core technologies while ensuring better performance and improved energy efficiency.
From its technical design to its interfaces, Alephium has been created to address the challenges of accessibility, scalability, and security encountered by decentralized applications today.

We are a start-up specialised in Artificial Intelligence, on a mission to finally have chatbots that work! We’ve built an easy-to-use platform to democratise the creation of AI chatbots (text / voice), driven by a no-code approach. Thanks to a revolutionary
data-collection tool, training & launching an AI engine has never been easier, and can finally help drive sales, or boost support, all with a low maintenance cost.
We proudly rely on a Swiss & sustainable cloud provider, with 2x CO2 offsetting.


DuoKey is a cybersecurity startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs and cryptographers. We are partnering with one of the top security firm that patented an innovative Multi-Party Computation (MPC) scheme bringing 8+ years of research in MPC and privacy-preserving encryption. We are part of the Microsoft for Startups – a global incubator program that helps scale promising technology. Are you excited at the challenge of keeping millions of customers’ data safe? Security is the #1 concern of our customers moving to the cloud and the DuoKey cryptography team is dedicated to providing the security features our customers need. We enable customers to confidently move sensitive workloads to the cloud where they can benefit from strong security controls that help meet internal and external compliance requirements. DuoKey Key Management Service is based on innovative Multi-Party computation (MPC) that provide encryption services and works also with FIPS-140 Level 3 or 4 HSM (Hardware Security Module)


We offer utility providers smart meters at a tenth of the regular price found on the market. Our meters transmit data via LoRa technology through a private network that we setup ourselves, allowing utilities to get rid of all operational costs due to transmission of the data. After getting the data we offer a yearly SaaS subscription for each meter deployed. Our SaaS allow utilities to better forecast the demand of energy on their grid, optimize their network and distribution, have a better customer service and reduce their commercial losses due theft and fraud.


KimboCare is a mobile based, blockchain-enabled tech platform which aims to improve the accessibility of quality healthcare in developing regions.

MinWave Technologies SA

MinWave offers passive microwave components that are ten times smaller, lighter and more energy efficient than the existing components in the market.
The conventional waveguide devices in the market have a large volume and high weight since their physical sizes are bound to the wavelengths. We address this core drawback by leveraging a patented technique based on meta materials.
By producing components in the frequency range of 1-40GHz, we cover the needs of a wide range of the next generation communication systems infrastructure in broadband, 5G and satellite communication.

NOW Care

In Switzerland alone, we waste 150 million plastic bottles yearly, only from soaps packaging and their transport emits CO2 of the weight of 3 Eiffel towers. While 85% of people want to reduce plastic waste from their bathrooms, only 3% actually do because minimal-waste alternatives such as hard soap or refill options always require compromises.
NOW Care has developed a powder-to-liquid soap that does not compromise mindful consumption, health, and great results. We’re making a minimal-waste lifestyle so easy, that we all can do it!

Ponera Group

We have developed a smart modular packaging system which by their assembly, can provide any sizes in terms of surface area. The introduction of modularity in industrial packaging for the first time allows us to provide effective IoT solutions in the whole freight transportation system, increasing transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness of the solution. Our product has been designed to meet current requierements and have a life time of up to 10 years.

RockNow SA

RockNow offers climbers all the necessary information they need to spend unforgettable moments on their nearby cliffs.


ShadeMe is developing a novel shading device to automatically adjust shading to the optimal position offering comfortable daylight. Modern buildings with large windows where occupants suffer from discomfort glare from the sun and overheating will benefit from the solution.


On average, 50% of public parking space users do not pay for metered roadside parking use while cities are certainly unable to carry out surveillance of all spots in real time. As a result, millions of CHF per year are not collected by each city as due earnings. For the city of Geneva, for example, this is estimated to be a total of CHF 15 million that are not collected in just one year. SOGO City Parking will revolutionize parking management in on-street regulated parking spaces by fully-automating parking surveillance and payment, all in one system.


Sportunity connect sport venues to enable sport for all


Uzufly create ultra-detailed and photorealistic 3D models of cities to help plan and visualise urban development projects


Virtuosis analyzes your voice, language, facial expressions, and body language to predict mood and soft skills. Based on online team video meetings, we deliver key insights to HR managers and corporate leaders and improve well-being at work.

Startup name


Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH (breathe ilo)

breathe ilo is the world’s first fertility tracker that uses breath analysis to identify a woman’s ovulation pattern and fertile window in a way that is easy and comfortable. It is a small handheld device synced to an app that reads the breath’s CO2 saturation to determine where a woman is in her cycle and can be done at any time of the day.

MUVON Therapeutics AG

MUVON Tx is a clinical stage start-up with the mission to advance a stem cell therapy for skeletal muscle regeneration.

Impli Limited

Impli is developing sub-dermal implants that monitor fertility hormone levels frequently and in real-time so that clinicians can make better decisions during the IVF stimulation phase.
Clinicians need more data points to deliver precision care to move the dial on success rates of IVF and increase women’s safety. We work with several IVF clinics together as well as various research institutions to develop our product.

Gyntools LTD

We are solving a « burning problem » – Vaginitis diagnosis.
Our Gyni system provides an accurate results, in the clinic, within minutes, from a single swab.

Metabolomic Diagnostics

Metabolomic Diagnostics is a deep-tech company specialising in the development of novel biomarker-based diagnostic solutions for complex diseases. We have expertise in LC-MSMS based translational research and a state-of-the-art laboratory including robotics. With an extensive biobank of pregnancy-related specimens, our current focus is on screening for pre-eclampsia risk. We can deliver personalised pregnancy risk assessment solutions by fitting biomarkers to specific patient characteristics.

WOOM Health

AI Reproductive Health Assistant. WOOM is a women’s health assistant built upon a thriving community, parameter-extensive data lake and robust ML algorithms to empower women through the different stages of their reproductive life.
We help women who have difficulty getting pregnant and/or tracking their cycles, uncover possible reasons and get treatment by providing them with personalized AI/ML-driven tips and curated content.

MOMM Diagnostics

MOMM Diagnostics is developing a fast and precise point-of-care test for the diagnosis and monitoring of preeclampsia.
Preeclampsia is a syndrome which affects 2-8 % of all pregnancies worldwide and is a leading cause of maternal death. Fast and accurate detection is crucial to identifying women at risk and adjusting their care swiftly. Close monitoring of preeclamptic pregnancies allows doctors to optimize the methods and timing of interventions.
Our test will assist doctors on-site to save the lives of mothers and babies.


We are a medical device company based in Switzerland focused on Women’s Healthcare. Our product in an instrument for Gynecology designed as a replacement for the traditional tenaculum. It leverages vacuum to secure the cervix significantly reducing pain and bleeding commonly associated with the tenaculum.

Annaida Technologies

Medtech startup developing an innovative solution to help couples struggling with In Vitro Fertilization. We are developing a medical device that will enable doctors to make data driven choices when it comes to understanding which embryo has the greatest chances of success.

Viveca Biomed Ltd

Specialist female health company which has recently launched Contrelle Activgard, an innovative bladder support for female stress incontinence, and exercise related bladder leakage. Contrelle Activgard is soft, confortable and invisible when used and is designed to stop bladder leakage. With strong clinical evidence, since the launch in summer 21, the product is already available in Boots (UK) and is being exported to 7 countries with a further 8 markets to follow.


Startup name


Alithea Genomics

Alithea Genomics develops , manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge solutions for large-scale blood transcriptomics.
Existing transcriptomic technologies are either biased or too expensive and laborious to be deployed on large numbers of blood samples (e.g. biobanks, clinical trials).
In contrast, our proprietary BRB-seq technology enables the unbiased measurement of gene expression in thousands of samples, through a convenient and cost-efficient workflow.

biped is an AI copilot for blind and visually impaired people that guides them in unknown places.

Vitruvian Shield SA

The Vitruvian Shield software was developed in collaboration with the CHUV team, and the ADI health care department, mediated by Mr. Jan Broeders; using exclusively the GEN4 equipped with ECG, PPG, EDA, ACC, and therm.; connected with our mobile application which in turn communicates with our cloud dataset and API.


Novostia is a Swiss privately held medical device company developing an innovative artificial heart valve. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of young patients worldwide suffering from heart valve disease, providing them with a unique durable, anticoagulant-free, and silent heart valve prosthesis, overcoming the limitation of current technologies on the market.
GetSet Surgical GetSet Surgical aims to improve patient outcomes,
reduce risk and create value in surgical procedures. We will set new standards in healthcare, by providing sterile solutions that facilitate simple pre-operative planning, on demand surgery and efficiency in the OR without compromise.


Startup name



ArcoScreen develops a new cell membrane protein drug screening assay. The patent-pending SynScreen technology is composed of a novel biological assay implemented in a microfluidic device.

iCure SA

At iCure, we provide a simplified backend solution for managing medical records and patient data since 2013. With our backend as a service, you will be able to launch projects in weeks instead of years at a controlled cost. Besides, our solution comes with a full feature data orchestration infrastructure that is scalable to billions of transactions. Our clients use iCure backend engine to build their applications for secure collecting and sharing data faster and at reduced costs and compliant with international standards.


Startup name



OptiChroniX is a Swiss digital health startup that develops myAVOS, two distinct, but connected apps aimed at improving outcomes for early stage dementia patients and their carers by using machine learning technology to create a personalized digital therapeutic intervention.


Nutrix is a medtech startup based in Basel, Switzerland. We developed gSense user centric glucose monitoring sensor with aesthetically pleasing design. gSense is the center of our digital health ecosystem for Type 2 Diabetes Patients. It provides 360° daily support for patients. Nutrix is launching now this solution in Chile, beachhead market. gSense ecosystem is integrated with public health insurance company and will be distributed through the largest pharmacy chain. gSense has been designed as a sensor platform, meaning that we can add more non invasive indications in the future.
InnoSpina We design and develop novel implants and unique surgical guiding instruments enabling surgeons to treat chronic back pain in less than 30 minutes.

Zoundream AG

In Zoundream, we use AI and sound recognition to translate infant’s cries sounds into their needs, emotions and physical status.


Startup name


Moodtalk AG

Moodtalk developed a hybrid exchange platform to foster the resilience of teams and employees. The Moodtalk process and software enables teams and employees to continuously reflect about their needs, to make them more transparent and to receive anonymous access to personalized offering instantly. Join us and let’s Moodtalk!


Web-based platform to monitor and optimize buildings’ energy usage
1. We cut the noise and make buildings’ energy data meaningful and easy to read
2. We build a reliable framework for energy saving measures
3. We empower users to generate their own energy reports


dføur is a map-based collaboration platform that helps city administrations to keep an overview on urban developments, facilitates coordination across stakeholders and provides data insights that enable fact-based decisions. By bringing qualitative and quantitative information along with local insights into one place, cities benefit from a holistic and up-to-date overview for their portfolio management.


Startup name



Oniri (previously Capture) is an app helping people to remember, understand, and take control of their dreams. Through lucid dreams, we can help people to do everything they want in their dreams; this is an increasingly popular subject worldwide, with many proven benefits on health and well-being, and we believe that it will soon be even more popular than meditation.

Percent Labs

Our mission is to make large corporations as agile as startups by breaking down their internal silos and unblocking the flow of information across their teams, departments and overall hierarchy.
We offer a software tool that enables management to set high-level goals, break them down into smaller sub-goals, connect them to concrete projects and monitor their progress automatically.
Our other features include universal reporting, integrations with task management tools and so much more.


resilio helps organisations achieve a sustainable IT transition. Through our innovative platform, we assess the digital footprint and IT costs of companies in an accurate, easy, and scalable manner and implement strategies to reduce it. Our strong partnership with, the European experts in the field, enables us to complement our software with consulting and training services.


autonomyo enables neurological patients with walking disorders to walk again. We enable the continuous and intense walking training after clinical rehabilitation in a patient’s home. An exoskeleton robotic device and a digital training app allow for seamless continuity of rehabilitation training wherever a patient is.


3D immersive event

New way of doing events, we build the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne and created personnalized booth for the startups inside. A unique experience directly from your computer

Startup demo-day

This event is more than anything else an exhibition of the latest technologies from differ ent incubators and accelerators from Switzerland. Meet them in 1-1 meetings, or through the pitch competition

Keynote talks

In addition to the startup exhibition, we invite successsful entrepreneurs to present their story, doubts, failures, and success


8 incubators partners

Biopole, La Forge, EPFL, DayOne, BlueLion, Geneus, ETH, Tech4Eva

40+ startups

coming from those 8 incubators and accelerators

800+ participants

After a successful first edition, with more than 740 participants, 12’000 interactions, let’s reach a new step with more than 800 participants for 2021